Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm too old for this Pogo Stick...

That was my thought today when I got off the phone from a conversation with our realtor...

"I'm too old for this pogo stick!"  I feel like I'm bouncing up and down... good news... bad news... no news... more questions... aauugghh!  LOL

So - what's a girl to do?  Seemed like a good time for a ROAD TRIP!

I decided I wanted a real live honest to goodness hamburger and french fries.  So I headed out to a diner out near where our (hopefully) new to us house is.  Mmmm that was a good burger - I ate almost all the fries too because they were very crispy!  Sorry no pictures... I was very hungry!

Then I decided to see just how far away Burkholders Fabric was.  Ssssshhhhhh... don't tell The Engineer - but it's just a hop, skip and a jump away.  Not as close as Sauders Fabric is to the new house - but close enough to head over any time I needed something they might have... I'd say less than a 20 minute drive.

It was late - so I only stayed long enough to get a good whiff of sizing, cruised the isles to feast my eyes on the colors and prints available and then I treated myself to a new pattern.  I'm thinking it will work for the Prairie Paisley 'Layer Cake' I bought myself at the Lancaster show.  Who knew that stack of 10" squares was called a layer cake?

I sure needed that trip out of the house on this mild sunny spring day - a few hours of not thinking about inspections or negotiations.  Yep - I feel refreshed!

Of course tomorrow will be a different day... and I say "bring it on!" (but not too loudly)

Oh and a PS... check out the links over at the top of the side bar.  I'm going to be adding some 'Green Links' as I come across some to share.  If you haven't watched The Story of Stuff... you should check it out!  Very Interesting!

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tracey said...

oh howdy, i feel for you. i went through the same thing so many times and i know how *maddening* it came be. hang in there. it'll be worth it!