Thursday, December 13, 2007

What do you miss?

My Mother asked me the first weekend I was out of my house what I missed most about the house?

I had one of those Epiphany moments as I sat there... I had not even thought about the house in the 4 or 5 days that I had been gone. I had NOT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT! Well - yeah I did think about the closing and when our money was going to be deposited... but otherwise I hadn't given the house I spent 16 years in a passing thought.

I spoke with a co-worker at the quilt shop I work for in MA and she said she was depressed for months after upgrading homes several years ago.

When we moved into that house from the smaller one across the street - my youngest daughter was mad at us for years because we sold her house... the only house she ever remembered being in. "They are painting our house" she announced one day later that summer as she stormed into the living room. I thought about it... we have siding... what was she talking about? She pointed out the front window and I could see the new owners slapping paint on the wood siding of our old house/their new house. "Sweetie - it's not our house anymore - they can paint it what ever color they want". At which point she stomped back outside - no doubt to glare at them from the safety of our new yard. This was one of many issues she's had over the years with the various owners/renters of that property. At a minimum - she wanted us to buy the house back.

I think because I've known for a year and a half that I would be leaving the house - I had already gotten over any attachments I may have had. And really - I don't think I was too attached - after growing up in the military and moving every 1.5 to 2 years I've always looked at a house as a house. It's only a home when people you love gather there - and everyone was gone. My husband had been working in PA for a year and a half - youngest daughter had settled into her new apartment in October - oldest daughter had finished her graduate program and she and Miss K had joined her husband in San Diego in May.

I also feel that painting my living room sealed the deal... I had deep dark red walls... the person who bought my house bought it with medium brown walls. They are OK, they blend nicely with the dining room - I'd have liked them a bit darker but hey - it wasn't about what I wanted... I would have stayed with the red!

After working all summer with my youngest daughter to clean out, fix up and pack... I was ready to be OUT of that house... yep I'm ready to go on. Even if it's a temporary stay in a townhouse while we look for a house around here to buy.

I do wish I had talked the husband into moving into the townhouse sooner than later... I understand his not wanting to pay rent in two places... but I'm ready to get my life in some sort of order - and living out of boxes/suitcases isn't cutting it.

So what (if anything) did you miss about a place you moved out of?


Dawn-Marie said...

Well moving out of my apartment and in with my husband I have to say I miss the time alone. I now have a husband, 3 kids, one niece, two dogs, two mice, and two hamsters, and two fish. Back then it was me and my cat and this cute little apartment that I loved. I think of the apartment I miss my couch the most. Not that I would trade what I have now for the world!


smiledarlin said...

I'm with you... it's just another place to stay; till I move again...
I guess if I built it I would be more closely attached. But that hasn't happened yet so it's just a big wooden box with all my crap in it.

Teri said...

I've lived so many places over the years I don't think of a building as home. Where ever dh and I happen to be, even if it's camping somewhere is home. I do know that one day we will move from this place and some other building will be home. So no big deal. The one thing I will have a hard time with is packing. Because with packing comes sorting and getting rid of stuff and at the moment I don't even want to think about it.


Laurie said...

I miss our 3 season porch in MN. I would sit out in my gliding rocker, quilt on my lap, in front of the gas potbelly fireplace and read. It was heavenly!

Anonymous said...
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