Friday, December 14, 2007

Trying to be a bit festive...

But I'm not being as successful as I'd like.

I know enough - which isn't much - to manage to sorta do what I'd like to do.

I wanted to take a picture of a section of a Holiday Wreath Quilt I made and use that as a background and add Happy Holidays text... and still have the Ponderings title show - but I don't have a good graphics program to work with, and I'm not well versed in the fine details of what will or won't work on this Blog and the templates... so I've wasted a great deal of time that I'd rather use towards some sewing.

So it is what it is... and if it works I'll leave it - but I might remove it if it bothers me... so... I'm off to do some other things that really need to be done.

Geez - I hate not figuring things out... at least for now - it will have to do.


smiledarlin said...

I LIKED the way it looked yesterday... you could see more of the quilt.
How'd ya get a pic up there? What template are you using?
I want one!!!

Rural Ro said...

I know exactly how you feel! I'm having the same problem with my blog. Figuring things out and such... I used to think I was a pretty smart cookie! My advise is to use the help pages and follow the links in the answers to other people's questions. It worked for me. Good Luck!

Howdy said...

Let's try this one... a little more of the quilt showing and I'm just not going to worry about the Ponderings Title...

Darlin is that better? LOL I can't remember what template I'm using as I think I looked at all of them about a dozen times in preview!

Thanks Rural Ro for the comment - I do check out the help pages often and I also found a cool blog that has a lot of good info you might be interested in as well.

Mama Koch said...

It looks good! Sometimes We just have to rearrange things...and this looks good.