Monday, December 17, 2007

Less than a week...

I feel like I'm standing still... here - waiting... maybe I should tap my foot...

In hindsight (although I did try hard to talk him into paying rent in two places) I will say that this past weekend would NOT have been a good weekend to move... what with all that RAIN - sleet - and freezing rain going on in the area. I know a lot of folks got some snow - but that didn't happen here. Unfortunately this apartment has a very soggy backyard... not good with dogs in and out - which reminds me I need to wash all those scatter rugs today.

This week we will pack up what little is unpacked in this apartment and haul it on Saturday to the new Townhouse we've rented. Since we will be there at least 6 months - I plan on getting a little bit unpacked.

All my lotions and potions and bathroom stuff I use daily are still mostly in the overnight bag which is sitting on the back of the toilet. Most of my clothes are still between 2 suitcases... although I did get one of those sweater hanging things for the closet to put some shirts in. Much easier to find folded shirts there.

I do have my sewing machine and SewEzi table up and I move the fabric on and off the table as needed. But I haven't unpack much sewing stuff otherwise.

We have a big Uhaul truck rented for Friday/Saturday. I did not want to have to take anything apart to haul it over there... so I wanted a truck big enough to not have to worry about stacking and stuffing things in to fit. We should be good with 17 feet.

Utilities are mostly all set for the new place - although the cable guy hasn't called me back today. Sure don't want to have to wait too long for internet access there.
Renters insurance is in place - heaven forbid you could transfer from one state to another. Nope - different states - different rules, rates, etc.
I'll worry about the cars another day... but here is a funny thing... you have 60 days to get your Drivers License changed over... but only 20 days to get your plates transferred for your car. Silly ain't it?

Since my Holiday decorations consist of a Santa sitting over there on the shelf and the angel card holder - it won't take me long to undecorate here! LOL

Laundry is calling and since it does require my undivided attention... I better get at it.


Dawn-Marie said...

Boy oh boy you are not going to know what to do when you finally get into your permanent home and are all unpacked.


Teri said...

just remember one thing with the laundry - put the clothes in the washer. Heehee


who is ducking behind the sewing machine now