Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping at the Quilt Show…

Did I happen to mention that I spent too much money at the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show last week… Well I did… spend too much that is!


I got a Martelli Mat set – I’ve been a Martelli Cutter Lover for a long time and the set came with their heavy duty double sided mat (it is lined on the other side as well with a purple background), a non-skid ruler (not shown) a cutter and a 5 pack of blades.  I am loving this mat!!


I have got no less than 6 small plastic bins with leftovers from projects… I hope to use this AccuQuilt Go Cutter to put a dent in all those odd pieces of fabric.


I renewed my AQS membership and the goody bag contained a small pair of embroidery scissors, then I picked up a pair of curved and straight Havel Scissors (buy one get one free!), I bought an ironing board cover that will fit the big ironing surface I made and an iron shoe – suppose to be that nothing sticks to them and they make ironing better, I found a cool little curved ruler from a designer from Easthampton, MA, I found 3 interesting patterns to try out, I picked up a bunch of fabric for a project, I found a nifty device called a strip stick and a device that’s suppose to make sewing long strips easier (we shall see), and I picked up a book from an Amish writer.

I’ll let you know what I think about some of these things as I try them out…


gailss said...

Nice to see you back and looks like you found some neat new items to play...oops! No, I mean to work with. Enjoy sewing and keep us posted.....Gail

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to hear the reviews. I want to know about the yellow mat as it seems too bright for my eyes. I want to thank you for picking me up to go and see everyone in PA. It was nice to see all of them.
I never found the ironing board cover, maybe at Hersey in July.

Anonymous said...

I will be looking for your reviews on the new toys. Enjoyed meeting you at Judy's retreat.