Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year…

We ended an old year and began our new year enjoying time with family.  No grand parties, no elaborate celebrations… just time hanging out, talking, playing cards and Pictionary… quiet family time.

Santa was good to me… I got a zippy little Netbook computer and a digital camera.  Technology that I’ll very much appreciate and enjoy using.  All I need to do is get my new camera set up to work with my new computer – then I’ll have some pictures to share.

Everyone gets back to a normal routine this week… not that I consider my life in any way normal.  I need to go around and pick up the few holiday decorations I put out so that I can get them put away.

I have done NO SEWING the past couple weeks… zip, nadda, none.  I seem to be lacking interest and enthusiasm… sure hope that changes because I’ve got lots to do.

So did y’all make any resolutions?  Yeah… me neither!  I have some plans… but nothing cast in stone.


Barbara said...

Cheryl..........lacking interest and enthusiasm ? Don't let the professor know that !

Lori said...

netbook and camera--what did you get??? I love my little aspire computer, and I'm getting better with my camera.

Anonymous said...

No stone resolutions here either just to try to do my best ! That covers me no matter what happens , LOL !
Glad you had family fun !
I have not played pictionary in years. I didn't think anyone still played it . Cool !
Hopefully you'll get back into things when the dust settles. It is easy to be distracted when your playing with your family .
Just do you BEST < LOL !