Monday, January 17, 2011

Life and University Updates

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back in the swing of things.  I certainly don’t want to mislead you into believing I’ve been very productive recently… I haven’t.  The little tree is still sitting here on the dining room table waiting for me to go find the box it belongs in… everything else is put away – but not the tree.

I spent one recent Saturday in the kitchen cooking up a storm… a crock pot full of beef short ribs – 3 meals put away and one eaten that night.  A large pot of Spaghetti Sauce made up – several containers frozen and we enjoyed a couple meals that week.  I don’t know about your family – but my husband could eat spaghetti every day.  I cooked a big pot of vegetable beef soup up to put in the freezer for The Engineer to take for lunches.  I was seriously out of lunch stuff for him.  I also cooked up a big pan of pork chops and sliced potatoes… that divided up nicely into 5 meals – 4 went directly into the freezer.  Hmmmm lets see – what else… I cooked a nice pot of red beans and rice but we ate it all before the week was out – so no lunches set aside… but it was sooo good!  I saved out some of the hamburger meat (from spaghetti) and made up a Sheppard's pie for the freezer.  Needless to say I was tired of cooking that day!

Before the holidays I did have a couple things that I finished but didn’t report on at the time.  My grandson got his Swimmies Quilt for Christmas – somehow I managed to not get pictures – but my daughter will be bringing it back this spring when they come to visit… we need to decide what to do with their little fishy eyes!  And I need to get a label on it too.

I finished the Buggy Barn quilt…

Buggy Barn Hearts

The colors don’t show as nicely in the picture - it’s a sample for a class in a couple weeks for this coming weekend (how’d that happen so quickly?).  It’s done in creams, pinks, and chocolates!

I’ve also gotten the tops done (not quilted yet) for the March and April Calendar Quilts… they are cute – I’m going to just do an all over stipple to quilt them – I’ll post more pics when they are quilted.  Click on Calendar Quilts to go over to that page… it’s also listed on my side bar --->>> over there… on the side.

I have two thumbs to knit and I’ll have 2 pairs of fingerless gloves done for a couple of friends.  Now I’m working on some mittens for my husband.  He has problems with carpal tunnel so is quite fussy about things on his wrists.  I got about 2 inches past the cuff and had him try it on… too tight so I unraveled it and made it bigger.  I should finish up the first mitten tonight and be able to start on the second one.  I’ve had the yarn for about a year… I think he’d also like me to finish the socks I told him I’d give him.  It’s the first pair I started… got one sock done but it was a bit too big for me.  Rather than undo it I told him I’d finish them for him.  LOL That was 2 years ago now. Oh well…

I’ve put the last load of laundry in – so my loafing time is about over.  Time to get out of my jammies… and make lunch… LOL

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Greenmare said...

all your cooking sounds fabulous!!! and I love love love your chocolate hearts quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish I could come take a class!