Sunday, May 2, 2010

Country Road…

We were headed over to my In-Laws Saturday… using the back country roads around the town rather than the main roads through – it’s not about getting there faster – it’s all about the journey. 

As we rounded the corner of the first jog around a local farm I could see the flat bed wagon sitting in the drive along the other side of the farm house - full of plants.

“Oh good – she’s got plants out today” I said as I navigated the turn around to the side of the farm and the gravel driveway that contained the wagon.

“Did you plan this?” asks my husband as I turn into the driveway and stop.

“Yep” is all I say as I head over to see what wonderful goodies she has out for sale.

I have always admired this farm wife’s gardens.  She has lovely flowers and an enviable vegetable garden.  Everything is always neat and trim… always… everything.  So I was quite happy when I first saw plants sitting out for sale last year.  Her prices… could be anything from 50 cents for a small pot to 4 dollars for a gallon pot of perennials.  They are all beautiful and happy plants and you know that is important.  Many of the plants have the garden markers with all the pertinent details – but you are just as likely to find a section of mini-blind plastic with the plants name written on it with the price. 

I make my selections… put the money in the coffee can that is sitting in a box on the wagon and off we go.  Yeah… just like that.

So here is what I came away with… some ornamental grasses,  new lavender irises, purple heuchera (coral bells), campanula (bellflower), and purple cone flower (echinacea), and pink bee balm. plants 5-1-10 001

Here are the ruby coreopsis, red yarrow, shasta daisy, and another campanula (bellflower),

plants 5-1-10 002

I have also started to pick up some stuff at the Green House up the road from me too…

plants 5-1-10 003

Some herbs… basil, rosemary and garlic, a few annuals, and some lettuce.

I hope to get some into the ground today… but won’t if I continue to sit here in front of the computer.


Gizmo said...

Your gardens are so beautiful. Now I know your secret....start early. I can't wait to see them later when they've really taken off. :)

smiledarlin said...

I hope you are able to get them planted... if not- NO SWINGING!
You are right- those are nice looking and happy plants . Don't buy them all- I need some.