Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Barn Quilt...

The Engineer and I were out running around the countryside a couple weekends ago and found a Barn Sale Sign tacked on a post that pointed down the road... so we went.

We poked around for a bit - I picked out an old canning pot filled with flowers... sure wish I'd also taken one of the old feed troughs that they had potted up as it was sure pretty.  But it was too big for here and now.  Maybe I'll venture down there again after we get settled in at the Stone House and see if she still has it.

My treasure for the day was a utility quilt I found with the stuff for sale in the Barn... hence the name 'The Barn Quilt' - I know, I know... I'm just too clever for my skin.  Ha.

It was the orange that got my attention... and the scrappiness.  It's a light summer weight quilt which is machine pieced and hand quilted.  It's been used but not abused and it's a fair size too.

Barn Quilt 002

I especially like this bold graphic print fabric here...

Barn Quilt 003

And the variety of the quilting patterns in the border.

 Barn Quilt 005

There just aren't words to express how much I'm enjoying having Miss K here.  She's just too cute - 4 is such a wonderful age.

We should be closing on the Stone House 2 weeks from today (Wed).  I've been spending time recently reading reviews and looking at Washers, Dryers, and Air Conditioners.  We've hired someone to mow for the first month or so... we figure no need to rush to buy a new mower since we won't have time to fiddle with that anyway.  It will just be easier to have someone else do it while we tend to other stuff.  Goodness knows we'll have plenty of other stuff to do.


kelsey said...

Aww what pretty colors love it!

Anonymous said...

4 words of advice:



smiledarlin said...
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smiledarlin said...

That is such a PRETTY quilt- very bold!
I was surprised you picked it.... I figured it was more mine & Neens colors.....

As far as appliances go.... Loews always has good sales.