Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled…


I don’t know about any body else – but if I don’t follow some kind of schedule I don’t get anything done…

These past several months have been a big jumble of discombobulation!

My MIL has been moved from the rehab program into a respite program… she as yet hasn’t gained back the strength she had before but they seem to be ahead of the breathing problems that sent her twice back to the hospital this summer.  Whether she will ever go back home is questionable and I’ve decided that she likes being taken care of – although I think she needs to work a little harder at walking more as I hate to see her having to use a wheelchair to get around.  My husband and I go out Saturday and Sunday and I am going to establish a routine of going out 2 days during the week to check in with them – my FIL is also a resident in that facility.

The report from the MRI apparently says I have arthritis in the CMC joint of my thumb… which is frustrating because it didn’t hurt until I fell on it.  But no matter – the good news is that it isn’t broken and I can go back to using it and get rid of this stupid brace.

I have done a little bit of sewing this past week – I have a challenge quilt due later in September for my annual quilters retreat here.  Sorry no pictures until after the event… I have the center done and have to add the borders – maybe this weekend.

I’ve also done a little bit of knitting in the evening on the Leftie shawl – which I’m liking a lot – it’s not difficult to do – the yarn is really doing most of the work and I just have to pay attention to what line I’m on.

I made Almond Milk the other day… and I have to tell you it was very good.  I was surprised at how large the almonds got after being soaked!  And the milk was so white and creamy!  I gave up regular cows milk years ago and had used Soy milk for cooking and cereal until a couple years ago when we switched over to Almond or Coconut milk.  I prefer the Almond and after making it myself – I really prefer that.  I can drink a glass of this stuff – it’s really that tasty.  One cup of almonds makes 4 cups of milk – and I can still use the leftover pulp.

Enough loafing for a Saturday morning… I have a pot of sauce to cook today and I’ve got to figure out what to do with this huge eggplant I got this week.  Oh and I probably should do some cleaning… or not…

Nearly forgot to post a picture of the grandkids off for their first day of school earlier this week – Miss K is in 4th grade and the young Mr. is pre-K.

1st day school-13

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