Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wake Up!

That's what I would like to yell right now.... LOL

But my friends are still sleeping and they wouldn't appreciate it I'm sure!

"A Quilters Gathering" begins today here in Manchester, NH. I drove up from PA yesterday with little reminders along the way of the destruction Sandy wrecked in her trek thru earlier this week.

At home we had nothing more than some rain and steady high winds with a gust here and there. Some how we got missed by the really bad stuff.

I did pass a semi hauling what I decided was large pumps headed for NY City... It was the gigantic hoses coiled on the front end that cinched it for me... Those would carry some serious water out of subway tunnels!

Last year when I headed up to NH for this show New England was still reeling from that freak snow storm that had tromped thru just days before. Back then I passed several convoys of tree trucks headed in to help in the clean up. This year in addition to the pumps headed to the city - there was a large group of dump trucks going on that direction and again several convoys of tree trucks headed in. One company was from MI and another from up state NY.

Mother Nature has been reshaping the coastlines for millions of years - I don't think she much cares if we get in her way. High winds and fast water ALWAYS WINS!

Still haven't heard from my Jersey friends May and Elaine. I've got my fingers crossed that a power outage is their only issue...

Ok I've rambled enough... Time to rattle some beds and head down to registration. More later...

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