Monday, September 17, 2012

Alive and Kicking...

At least I think so...

My daughter has made 2 trips without the kids and one again this past weekend with just the older 2 leaving the baby with me.  This latest trip was certainly the best as the baby was getting over his latest bout of being sick and was on an antibiotic and starting to feel better.  Sure feel sorry for the little fella when he's sick - he's usually very happy and energetic and this last go around he was miserable with a double ear infection and I believe a sinus infection too.

I hope her traveling is over... this Granny is tired!

Anyway here I am on a new computer... which at the very start has already had a brain transplant!  How is it that a new computer needs a new Hard Disk?  I had barely finished the set up (which these days is fairly minimal) and a prompt had suggested a diagnosis be run on the system... so I did... and got a 'targeted read error'... so after an hour and a half on the phone with the company they sent a technician out to replace the hard disk.

So do I look any younger... any brighter, more shiny... maybe a bit faster?  I didn't think you'd notice but let me tell you that this one is so much better than the 2006 model I was using as my main computer.  Doing anything on that was such an exercise in patience... I do need exercise but not that kind.  Since I rarely used it when I did turn it on it spent all it's time running updates for Windows and the Virus software... uuugh such a pain!

I do have a little 'net book' - a Christmas gift a year or two ago that is great for sitting on the couch with and reading blogs and checking emails - but without a DVD/CD drive and a tiny screen it wasn't any use for my Electric Quilt Software or any real sit at the computer for a long time kind of work. 

I have no pictures on this system so you'll just have to take my word that my grand kids are the cutest thing going... really!

Quilting... hummm that word sounds familiar - has something to do with fabric doesn't it?  I went to the Hershey show a month or so ago... nothing much really stood out to me on the new and exciting front.  I did get a Yo-Yo maker thinking my granddaughter might be interested and picked up an embroidery pattern for her to make little holiday stockings and a snowman kit for me.  We haven't gotten very far as there never seems to be time to go up stairs and work on anything.  I had hoped that when the kids started school things would settle down... but I was wrong... apparently...

I am again planning to go work the Massachusetts Shop Hop at Southampton Quilts later in October.  I do so love going and it's a great opportunity for me to see all my old quilty friends from MA.  A couple weeks later I'll head up to A Quilters Gathering which is moving this year to Manchester, NH.  It's always been a great weekend that involves a lot of sewing, lots of shopping and even more fellowship with wonderful friends.  I've even signed up for a class or two... can't remember which ones or how many but I'm sure I'll have fun with them.

The garden has gone to hell in a hand basket these past couple of weeks... truely it's sad... and it's even sadder that I frankly don't care!  I am so over tomatoes...  There are grapes out there but I may just bury The Engineer out back in the garden if he picks them and brings them inside... I don't have time!  Looks like my apple tree will be ready in a couple weeks.  So apple sauce in my my future and although I'd rather can it - I'll freeze it if I don't have the time to stand in the kitchen.

I will be working on some pictures to explain how I did the Russian Rubix quilt... maybe next week if I can find my camera.  I can't find anything around here these days.  I've been looking for over a week for my checkbook - I don't use it very often so it's never in my purse - and I've rearranged everything in my house a half dozen times recently.  I found it today as I went methodically through each room - I do not remember putting it in that particular place but that seems to be par for the course for me these days.

Maybe I should take up golf...

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