Tuesday, April 26, 2011

La, La, La, La, La, La…

I say with my fingers stuck in my ears!!!  OMG are you as tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding as I am?  I do wish the couple well – as I would any young couple setting out… but for crying out loud… enough already.  Unfortunately it’s not going to be over as of Friday – it will continue for a good couple weeks I’m sure.  I am thankful that I am at least more mobile these days and not confined to my prison recliner all day long eating bon-bons and watching TV.

She walks!  Yea!!  With a single crutch no less!!! AND…. drum roll please… she does STAIRS!!!

The timing could not be better for my increased mobility as my daughter is off with her husband and kids this week for a much deserved vacation… which means I’m on my own during the day.  I have to go get my own coffee and meals during the day.  I am also driving myself to PT – which continues to be a painful but fruitful experience… I am now up to 77 degrees.  Can you say ow?  Me… I usually say ow, Ow, OW!  The tendons and ligaments were pretty well banged up in the fall – so now I need to encourage them to stretch out again… well the therapist does the encouraging… me - I say ow, Ow, OW!

I am getting those muscles in my leg stronger – they now mostly cooperate when I send them mental commands to work… although they do still have a jello quality to them as they quiver and wobble.

Kara and her family will return here this weekend and then between Monday and Tuesday they all head off to San Diego for a couple weeks.  Mark still has a week of school in SD and they will work in some more family time before heading back to Hawaii.

And so - my days of being pampered are over… I think I could have enjoyed them more if there wasn’t all that pain involved!  LOL


Angela Huffman said...

I am so glad you are doing better! Hurray for 77 degrees. I'm sorry to hear it is so painful but I'm glad you are seeing improvement. :)

gailss said...

Happy to hear the good news and think 77degrees is good progress. I am sure it hurts and know that it means you are working hard and hopefully will be back to full mobility. Keep up the good work Cheryl and think about running....LOL!

Greenmare said...

yay yay yay!!!!!!!! it's the lovely spring sunshine that is helping right? (just ignore the rain if you are getting as much as we are) I'll let you on the ark when I finish it.

May said...

Good News, you must be so happy to get up the stairs to the bathroom a little more quickly now, LOL! Keep up the great recovery, Hugs, May

Greenmare said...

you are really moving right along there lady! I bet by now you are dancing in the streets too!