Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Seem To Be At A Loss For Words…

Yeah… really… me…

OK… enough snickering out of y’all – it does happen some times.

The problem is that I really have lots of things I’d like to say but I can’t quite clear my head enough to get it out.

I have been sidetracked mentally by the disasters in Japan… the human loss and physical devastation is just hard to wrap my mind around… my heart just hurts.  And then as those first few days unwrapped before us on TV - I read a stupid insensitive comment by a young nephew of mine on Facebook.  I have to say that I have had to work hard to ‘keep my fingers to myself’ (an online version of biting your tongue) and not respond to his comment… but apparently that kind of ignorance isn’t limited to my nephew as the national news contained stories of others who lost their jobs because of their inappropriate on-line comments.  What’s wrong with people?

And then one morning as we watched the news – the story ended with a mention that you could ‘text 2 donate $10.00’ to the Red Cross to help with the disaster in Japan.  My 6 year old Granddaughter turned around and said to her Mom… “I have $10.00 of my own money – can we text to donate it?”

I could not stop my tears… try as I might to hide my emotions at that moment I couldn’t.  Here was a little 6 year old who got it… she saw suffering and need and was willing to make a personal sacrifice to meet that need.  I was so proud of her and of her Mother who has nurtured that spirit in her.

Of course the kids didn’t understand why Granny was sitting in her prison recliner with a kleenex to her face sniveling… “Momma what’s wrong with Granny?” says the 2 year old.  Then they both stood there like they had done something wrong but didn’t know what it was.

Well, I stopped sniveling – my granddaughter turned over her hard earned money to her Mom and together they ‘text 2 donate’ to send her money half way around the world to help.

In other news… I’ve been going out for PT and I’ve decided just showing up for the appointment is work all by it self.  By the time we have breakfast and I get my shower and get dressed and then use the walker to get into the facility… I’m beat!  They are using a muscle stimulator on my left upper leg while they ice my knee.  While that’s going on I have some arm exercises to do.  Then I have some leg exercises and I’m on my way home again.  A nap always feels good on PT days.

I did go into the quilt shop this week also.  I needed to sort out the fabric I had already cut for the next 2 calendar quilts.  I had pulled the fabric before I hurt my knee but hadn’t divided it up into kits.  I did have to lay down on a table a couple times – there’s just so long I can sit with my leg propped up.  I plan to haul myself upstairs and do some sewing this coming week.  I’d like to get the 2 backgrounds pieced and then do the fusible applique… not sure I’ll quilt them – I’ll be happy just to have them assembled. 

I don’t know about y’all – but I am tired of being cold… let’s get on about the business of spring shall we!


Greenmare said...

kids are awesome creatures aren't they? obviously you and your daughter have done the right things with them.
and I am WITH you on spring. enough already! Second biggest snowstorm in 120 years--- who needs THAT distinction??? now it can just warm up and ALL melt away please!

Anonymous said...

Sniveling with you, sweetie... I wish the peace of that child onto the world. It needs it...

Is the PT helping with your already bothersome shoulder? I sure hope so. That has gone on too long, already.

Wishing you well, my friend, and warmer weather. I will send it.


smiledarlin said...

I did not have as much restraint as you for biting my tongue- needless to say I have 1 less friend.... which is perfectly fine with me!

I am glad PT is helping- slow but sure... and yep, those will be some of your best naps!

I cut one of my Hyacinth so I could smell it in my sewing room- to remind me that SPRING IS HERE!

KASEYSMOM65 said...

I still remember that sweet little girl pressing the button on our Christmas Santa train and practically levitating off the couch with excitement when the whistle blew and the train started moving. She's very, very special!