Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stash Busting Report Week 49...

In about two hours - if you don't mess around much with the quilting - you can have one of these...

Grommet bag 3

On Friday I made another Wallet & Grommet Bag from Maple Island Quilts.  This time I used some of the new Moda Primrose Inn... sorry that the picture isn't better - I didn't have my camera and used my phone.  With the first two bags that I made I didn't have any fusible fleece (batting) that they called for for the handle - so I just used the same cotton batting I had used in the bag.  With this bag I used the fusible fleece in both the bag and the handle and I LOVE IT!  It gives the bag a bit more umph than my others have.  Now I will admit that I probably could have gotten a bit more umph if I had more machine quilting in it - but I didn't want to distract from the fabric so I did a minimal amount of quilting. 

Here are the three I've made - I'm actually using the one on the right - the other two are hanging in the shop as samples.

grommet bags all 3

I liked making the last one so much that on Saturday when I went down to the shop to say hi to all the Thimbleberries Ladies - I made another one with other fabrics.  These bags are addictive... and they are fun... and they are fast... and you could probably go crazy with embellishments too if you wanted.  On the one pictured above I use the handle fabric and put a tiny accent fold between the 2 fabrics in the bag.  Then I stitched it up in some places and down in others when I added the machine quilting.

I may have to go shopping for some fringe or ribbon or lace or or or... never-mind - not this week.

All this to say... I'm reporting 4 yards in and out for the two bags I made this week.


Lori in South Dakota said...

I applaud anyone who makes something that isn't FLAT. Clothes, PURSES, anything that requires a bit of artistic ability. The bags look great. hehe--we dug out our old highchair, can you believe we still have it 24 years later??

Greenmare said...

were the grommets hard to do? I've been interested in some of these bags but that part scares me away!

Howdy said...

the grommets were not hard at all - they are the plastic snap together ones which is nice because when you are done with the purse you are using you can take them apart and use them on another purse. The shop ordered them from their supplier 'Checker Distributors' - your shop should be able to get them also. There are 8 in the package with a template for marking the fabric to cut the circle out.
If you are like me you will put the template in a very very safe place... and never find it again! LOL