Monday, October 15, 2007

When in Rome...

You know the saying that goes "When in Rome..."
Well I have over the years tried to apply that philosophy to eating...

It began when I moved away from Texas only to find that good Tex Mex, Mexican, or BBQ foods aren't available everywhere... especially during the mid 70's. So every time I returned home to see family it required several trips to local eating establishments. Oh yeah - I almost forgot about biscuits & gravy and ooooo oooo chicken fried steak!

Later when my kids attended a summer camp on Star Island off the coast of NH/Maine - we usually made the drop off trip into a weekend event as we explored the Maine coast and which required the eating of lobster at every possible meal. I now have a friend there that knows where to get the best Lobster Stew.

Actually a trip to any coast requires consumption of what ever the local seafood industry provides don't ya think?! Nothing but coast line in Hawaii... lots of wonderful foods there... mmmmmm!

Anyway - so here I am visiting Tom in Maryland. And when in Maryland you just gotta eat Crab Cakes at every possible meal. We had a very nice elegant dinner the other night at the Bayard House in Chesapeake City. We've had a yummy lunch Saturday at Woody's Crab House - I'm trying to figure out how I can finagle another trip there.... mmmmm! Sunday's lunch was at a place in Chestertown on the water - a lovely lunch out on the deck.

I could actually start cooking them myself... they certainly sound simple enough.

Of course to all the rules there are surely exceptions... like Scrapple... ain't no way that's happening to my mouth! But since my husband is from Pennsylvania - he likes it... go figure!

I couldn't mention all this wonderful food without talking about a fabulous dinner made by my brother-in-law the other night. The Chicken Florentine he made was divine - so tender and yummy. This one I'll definitely try out myself.

OK - now I'm hungry thinking about all this great food... maybe if the dogs are feed, and I'm all dressed and ready to go my husband will take me out tonight when he gets home? Hmmmm? Maybe? Certainly worth a try don't ya think?

It worked and I've confirmed that the Crab Cakes at Woody's are indeed the best I've had so far. We managed to save 1/2 of our dinners for tomorrow night. Now I gotta go and unbutton my pants... they had a wonderful Pumpkin Bread Pudding for desert - I could only eat half of... the other half will be breakfast tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Oh nutz!!!! I just read your blog before going to bed and, darn, I HATE going to bed hungry. I've got to stop reading blogs, at night, I guess cause I could drown the way my mouth is watering!!!!!

Otherwise, I love your blog, Cheryl.

See you soon,

Dawn-Marie said...

An I just read it hours before lunch and my mouth is watering. Sounds like a good time was had.


Mama Koch said...

Isn't it amazing as to what locals call their own food. Kinda hard to get the great seafood like is on the NE, so just may have to travel up that way to visit!

Gizmo said...

OK, you could NEVER get me to even TRY scrapple!!
I have noticed that my tastes have changed as I get older. Those crab cakes might be worth a try. I'll load up the truck, grab Moma Koch and we'll be your "excuse". ;)